Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Hello and welcome to my bio! Bio’s are generally quite boring so I will keep this short and sweet. So, this is Petit Nomie, a blog which is based around fashion with the odd beauty, travel and personal stuff thrown in along the way.

About me:  My name is Naomi Kelliher. My nick name has always been Nomie which is partly how my blog name came about. I am from Ireland, currently working as a fashion intern in Dublin. I have a degree in Commerce International and Spanish. I have also done a course in The Management of Fashion and Luxury Companies. I have worked in many areas of the fashion industry including PR, Marketing,Visual Merchandising and Modelling. Now I’m starting to feel like I am writing a cover letter for a job so I will cut this short! Basically, I love anything to do with fashion and figured that writing a blog was the next step. So that’s me and Petit Nomie in nutshell!

You can follow along on my Instagram  and Twitter or subscribe to keep up with Petit Nomie. I look forward to this new journey and sharing my ideas with you! 

Naomi x

Photographer: Kinga Lasovy

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