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Monday, 22 January 2018

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If you follow me Instagram (@Naomi.kelliher) you will have seen my snaps from my trip to the Pyrenees mountains this week. I have been in the Pyrenees before, but each time seems to be better than the next. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday living, I would highly recommend going. Here you feel a thousand miles away from everything...

| Village of Bagerque |

Arnaud and I stayed in a tiny village called Bagerque, the highest village in Val d'Aran. It is most famously known as a ski resort during the winter months but in summer it transforms into a beautiful green paradise full of flowers and wildlife. With narrow cobbled streets and colourful wall flowers, I felt like I was in a scene from an old movie. There is so much to do in Bagerque, but it is also the perfect place to simply sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy the mountain top views.

Day 1
On our first day in Bagerque, we were so eager to get out and explore the mountains. There is no better way to see this beautiful place than by bike. So that evening we decided to cycle to the top of Beret. While it was no walk in the park, the views made it worth the sweat and the perfect excuse to indulge ourselves in the delicious food and wine afterwards. There are some lovely little restaurants hidden throughout the village. El Jardí de Pommers is one of my favourites, the food is super and the setting is so cute. We spent the rest of the evening taking in the incredible views and strolling around the village. After some months living away from each other with work and studies etc. being in this little paradise was the perfect way to spend time together and catch up on everything.

Day 2
After a BIG breakfast of delicious fruit (I forgot how good the fruit in Spain is), we went for a hike in the nearby hills. Later that day we cycled to Eth Cerer de Montadí, a restaurant literally in the middle of nowhere. (Everywhere we went we cycled, but everywhere we cycled we ate. So, I think we found a good balance this time round! ) It is surrounded by mountains with a big lake nearby. Add a bottle of wine to the mix and you're on cloud nine. Safe to say the cycle back to the hotel was interesting! We spent the evening cooling off in the pool before heading to Arties with friends for some G&T's and a bit of Latino music. Arties is nearby village - so quaint and beautiful with winding cobbled streets and a river that runs through the centre, defiantly worth a visit.

| Restaurant - Eth Cerer de Montadi |

Day 3
Today was another action packed day in the mountains. After a good night sleep, we were ready to take on another peek.  This time not by bike ;) We decided to go off-roading right up into a nearby mountain. Despite the fact that I clung to the seat of the 4x4 the whole way to the top as we drove just inches from the steep edges, this was an AMAZING experience. With the rush of adrenaline and breath-taking views, this was probably one of my favourite things we did this weekend. Later that day, we went to a BBQ organised by some friends in the village. It was lovely to mingle with the locals over some Rosé and listen to their stories. Of course we couldn't go a day without a quick cycle, so we headed off road down into the valley and cycled along the banks of the river as the mountains towered on either side of us. The perfect finish to an amazing day.

It is not very often I stubble upon a place that I say 'I have to come back here again'. There are just so many places in the world I want to see, so each time I go travelling I want to visit somewhere new. But the Pyrenees is defiantly one of those few places that I could visit on repeat. There is something magical about it. It has the power to make you feel completely at ease. I have never felt so relaxed as I did this weekend, exactly what I needed after the stress of final year in uni.

I am now making a quick stop off in France before some more adventures next week. I look forward to sharing them with you.

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