5 Minute Make-Up

Monday, 4 September 2017

This morning was one of those typical Monday mornings where everything that could have went wrong, WENT WRONG. My first Monday back to reality after six weeks of travelling, what could one expect. In my mind I am still sipping Sangria in the local Spanish chiringuito listening to Bob Marley. I am usually a super organised person but this morning I will admit I had some difficulties adjusting to normality. In the end I found myself racing against the clock. So with 30 minutes to go before my first appointment of the day, I made a quick mental time plan: 5 minute breakfast, 5 minute make-up, 5 minute outfit planning, 5 minute hug and feed the dog, 10 minute drive... The hair? The wet-look is all in right?? So as I was doing my make-up I thought it might be useful to make a post for those who often must make themselves look pretty in a hurry. So here is my go to, 5 minute make-up look...

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation

When I discovered this foundation I was immediately hooked. Its very light-weight but gives great coverage without feeling caked. Its perfect for getting ready in a hurry because it acts a concealer also. 

Estee Lauder Golden Goddess Bronzer

I love this bonzer. It gives the skin a nice healthy complexion without those orangy tones. It goes on the skin really nicely and doesn't require tonnes of blending which is definitely a bonus for those early mornings.  

Clarins Love Skin Illusion Blush 

I got this as a gift recently and fell in love with it instantly. The package is so fab!The little cushion style applicator its ideal for when you're in a hurry and doesn't require heaps of blending. The shade I use is Luminous Pink. 

Clinique Chubby Sticks

These are perfect for everyday. They give really good coverage and bring your whole make-up look together. Super easy to apply and no need for lip liner. What more could you want?

Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-On Glow

I absolutely love this product. Although my Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation acts as a concealer all in one, some mornings those under eyes need some extra TLC. I love the brush-on applicator, so easy and quick to use.  

Primark Eye Cream

When you have just 5 minutes to look presentable there is simply no time to go rooting around for eye shadow brushes! I love this eye cream from Primark! The coverage is sooo good and lasts for ages. I dab a small bit on my lids with my finger and Bobs your uncle - Ready to take on the world. (So inexpensive also!)

Clinique High Impact Mascara

Clinique can honestly do no wrong. I love this mascara, it gives your lashes a really full and finished looked with very minimal effort. 

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