I Graduated!

Friday, 20 October 2017

On Tuesday I graduated from UCC. This time last year I remember sitting in my room with a towering pile of books by my side, with next to no social life, drowning in cups of coffee (I don't even like coffee). I remember thinking to myself, 'when will this all end!!?'. To say final year was stressful is an absolute understatement. Saying that, I wouldn't change a thing. The tears, the meltdowns, the deadlines, the early mornings...

All of those moments were a learning curve in itself.  Most importantly, they made me realise that no matter how tough things are, or no matter how stressful times get, everything always, always works out okay in the end. Of course, it's difficult to think like that when its two am in the morning and you're in the library finishing that 5000 word assignment that's due the next day. So my biggest advice to anyone in college, enjoy the challenge, aim high and work hard. You won't regret it. 

For me, graduation was the day that I sat back and reflected on the past four years. I remember saying to myself, as I sat in my robe and hat, I SURVIVED! Its a day to feel proud of your achievement and not just your academic one. It also marks the end of a very special journey but the beginning of a new one. One which I am very excited about.

I think your college years are the most enriching and life-changing ones. The experience is truly invaluable so  take whatever comes your way and embrace very second of it. 

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