The Yellow Dress

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Okay, I promise this is the last of the graduation day spam! But I wanted to write a very quick post on last week's outfit for the big day. This was definitely one of the best days ever. Everything happened so quickly after finishing my final year exams, fashion interning, travelling etc., that I actually barely had time to stop and let it sink in - 'I finished uni! I actually survived!' So graduation day was definitely a major feel proud moment and a nice excuse to reflect on the past four years...

I remember sitting in my robe and hat during the ceremony thinking back to my first day at uni and how much life has changed since then. Uni definitely lead me in the right direction and I am so grateful for that. My course required me to study abroad for a year which was without a doubt my number one highlight. That year I met people from all over the world who I otherwise would probably never have had the chance to meet, including my boyfriend. So graduation day was defiantly a day of gratitude!! Not only for the opportunities that it gave me but also to my parents for getting me through the four years and my big brother for being my mentor and giving me the motivation to keep going during my (regular) final year breakdowns! 

So after the ceremony and taking zillions of photos, my family and I headed into Cork city for dinner. If you haven't been to Isaac's Restaurant over on MacCurtain street I would definatly recommend it. Everything was perfect from start to finish. The veggie option was so good. I ordered the Indian chickpea and lentil curry. Sooo good.  

Moving onto the outfit, I ordered my dress online. Its an Australian label I discovered when I lived over, I have been obsessed ever since I came across it. Its called Keepsake The Label. Such amazing designs. <3 <3 I love Australian designers and I am constantly on the prowl for new ones. My shoes were the biggest bargain of the lot. I picked them up in Office Just days before hand. I was pleasantly surprised to see they were reduced from €80 to €40. I was looking for something neutral and a decent height that I could actually walk in, so I was delighted when I stumbled upon these. 

So that's it from me for now. 

Until next time!


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