Tarifa: My Secret Hideaway

Friday, 24 November 2017

When some people think of Spain they automatically think - crowded beaches, tacky souvenirs, cheap booze…
I must admit, I also had a pretty narrow view of Spain until I went there to study for a year. Safe to say, I took full advantage of my time to explore and uncover everything Spain had to offer. The culture, the fiestas, the music, the landscape… It is truly an AMAZING country whose beauty is definitely underrated. Of course, if you take a direct flight to one of the Spanish hot spots and chose not to venture beyond that, you most likely won’t experience what I mean by ‘the real Spain’. It is well worth travelling an extra few hours away from the big cities to discover some of the many picturesque Spanish towns and untouched coastline.

One of my absolute favourite little towns in Spain is Tarifa. It is located right down the very south near Gibraltar. I would recommend flying into Malaga and renting a car. It’s about a three-hour drive but the landscape along the way is stunning. You could also make a stop off at Marbella en route if you wanted to check out the glitz and glam.  

We rented a lovely little house on Airbnb about 10 minute drive outside the town of Tarifa. It was located on a hill overlooking the sea, across the water we could see Africa.  I couldn’t believe how close we were to Morocco! It was so beautiful to see. The evenings were the equivalent to our 'Netflix and chill', we used to sit out on the balcony overlooking the sea watching the sky slowly transform from clear blue to a ball of fire, then when it was dark we were pleasantly entertained by the twinkling Moroccan lights in the distance. Add a glass of sangria to the mix and flamenco music to the mix and your night is complete. The house was surrounded by all kinds of beautiful trees and shrubs. It was so peaceful to listen to the birds singing outside our window every morning. There was also a little path from our house which led down to the beach. It was like having our own little private beach right on our doorstep. It was like a dream!

When we weren’t at the beach or oodling over the views from our house, we were exploring the town of Tarifa. I still dream about the narrow, cobbled streets and white buildings. It is such a peaceful little town and we really felt the Spanish culture oozing through the streets. Locals sitting together sipping sangria and cervezas in the warm sun, traditional flamenco music playing in the bars… We would ramble around for hours soaking it all in.

If you have time, I would definitely recommend going to Gibraltar. It is literally just a stone throw from Tarifa. FYI: Don’t forget your passport! Even though Gibraltar is actually located in Spain, it’s part of the UK. It is quite a bizarre little place, in a good way. I remember strolling around in the blistering heat wearing flit flops then suddenly coming across red telephone boxes and fish and chips shops, along with the odd English pub. If you head up hill away from the town, you’ll even come across heaps of monkeys chilling on the side of the road.

I have serious holiday blues writing this post. Go to Tarifa. You wont regret it. It is a gem. I am actually going back to Spain very soon and I cannot wait!

Have a wonderful weekend. Don’t go too crazy Black Friday.

Au revoir,

Bisous bisous

Naomi x

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